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The Beauty Room

The Beauty Room Ltd is the official distributor of Gatineau Skincare in the United Kingdom and Ireland. 

The Beauty Room was founded by Andrew Bagley in 1994, when he brought Gatineau to the UK. He had already founded an incredible Body Brand and was looking for a Brand for Face to complete his company portfolio. Andrew is highly regarded throughout the professional beauty industry for his expertise and skincare know-how. He works closely with Gatineau Laboratories in Paris to bring you the latest formulations, innovations and high-performance products as well as being our resident QVC Brand Ambassador, regularly presenting shows and informing customers on skincare tips, tricks and trends.

The Beauty Room head office is located in the historic market town of Windsor, on the River Thames. Training for our professional therapists takes place here everyday with our resident Gatineau Skincare Expert Lucy Vose.


Gatineau’s Story began in Paris 88 years ago with a visionary Beauty Therapist, Madame Jeanne Gatineau. A woman with a true passion for Beauty, she set out to provide revolutionary skincare solutions for women. 

She opened her first salon in 1932 and immediately began to develop her own skincare products to accompany her avant-garde treatment techniques. Through her collaboration with experienced dermatologists and biochemists she quickly became renowned with in the world of skin care. The Jeanne Gatineau School of Beauty opened in Paris in 1950 and provided expert training to thousands of students. The demand for Gatineau’s unique and innovative expertise led to the manufacture of products for home use and Gatineau, as we know it today, was born.

Gatineau was the first beauty house in the world to develop an exfoliator and alcohol-free cleansers and toners, quickly establishing themselves as a skincare brand that anticipates the needs and expectations of women.

"In 1932, I created a brand of excellence for the most discerning of women."


Jeanne Gatineau was determined to pursue her passion and established a home beauty treatment business. At the age of 52, she opened her first Beauty Salon, sharing her passion and developing her knowledge of what women want from their skincare products.


Jeanne Gatineau worked with scientist and Nobel Prize Winner Alexis Carrol. His specialism inspired her scientific approach to skincare and through her work with biochemists and dermatologists, she developed her first range of skincare products. 


In 1950, Jeanne Gatineau opened the world’s first Beauty School, where she shared her in depth knowledge with thousands of beauticians. An incredible success, schools opened in both Brussels and Milan. Continuing to collaborate with experts, she created the worlds first Facial Scrub, alcohol-free Cleansers & Toners and exfoliators.


The 90’s saw Jeanne Gatineau transformed into GATINEAU, a globally recognised brand. In 1994, Andrew Bagley recognised this and brought the brand to the UK.


Today, even as a global brand, our values remain deeply rooted in our heritage. With skincare products that continue to advance the field and a worldwide reputation as an anti-ageing specialist, Jeanne Gatineau's pioneering spirit is as integral now as it was 88 years ago.


Proudly celebrating 88 years, from Jeanne Gatineau’s Parisian beauty salon in the 1930s to the global professional skincare brand we know today.


A brand that takes inspiration from the latest biotechnology to develop high-performance products.


From our highly experienced bio-chemists to our technically trained beauty therapists, Gatineau delivers an expert approach to skincare.


All our products undergo rigorous testing and clinical trials to ensure they deliver highly visible results.


Found in salons in nearly 50 countries worldwide, we are a professional brand you can trust.


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